A musical tribute to Patrick Brontё and his famous children, Charlotte, Branwell, Emily
and Anne in a series of songs based on their poetry and characters from their novels.
Lyrics by Val Wiseman - Music composed by Brian Dee

The album and show of the same name feature a series of moving and uplifting songs by Val Wiseman and  pianist composer Brian Dee in tribute to the Brontёs.

The show
A lively and emotional musical experience, bringing to life through narrative and song such characters as Blanche Ingram (Jane Eyre) Helen Huntingdon (The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall) and Catherine Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights). Presented by life-long Brontё enthusiast Val Wiseman and Brian Dee with their musicians.


Review from Buxton Festival Fringe 2009:
Buxton Methodist Church, Tuesday 21 July
The subject matter may seem an unusual topic for a musical tribute, but the style and content of this presentation brought history and literature alive in equal measure.
This is a great example of bold new writing; only at the end of the show were we told that this had been a "first performance". The audience were quite taken aback by this, having been captivated by the skill and professionalism of the cast.
So what is the "legacy"?
Val Wiseman (Best British Jazz Vocalist 2008) took us on a journey through the lives of the Brontė children and their parents, painting a vivid and atmospheric picture of life and death at The Parsonage in Haworth. The focus was on Emily, Anne, Charlotte and Branwell. Patrick Brontė (the father) was acknowledged clearly as providing a stimulating literary environment for his children (as well as a box or two of toy soldiers). The mother and two other sisters were mentioned, albeit briefly.
The lives and losses of this family were reflected in the lives and losses of characters developed in their poetry and from their novels. Brian Dee (composer of this original music and distinguished broadcaster and musician) took Val Wiseman's words and tied together the frustration in Agnes Grey, the duplicity of Blanche Ingram and the mixed emotions of Jane Eyre (along with many others) in a mesmerising musical score.
The commentary Val provided between the songs allowed easy access to the Brontė stories, even if you are not a fully qualified Brontėphile. Her enthusiasm for the "Hidden Mysteries" of the enduring themes portrayed in the novels, art and poetry was more than enough to transport the audience to the Moors (and Brussels) on a rather wet Tuesday evening.
Taking a style of pure "cabaret" is where Val excelled. Her captivating stage presence and multi-layered interpretations were pure joy. Whether reciting Anne's poetry or making a social commentary on the reaction to increased industrial development and its impact on job opportunities, Val gave the themes a sharp, modern relevance. Moving between the "highs" and "lows" of the family fortune gave Val the opportunity to explore her full range of musical stage magic.
Accompaniment was by the Brontė Legacy trio (www.brontelegacy.com). It was clear that the trio shared the enthusiasm of Val and Brian for the themes being developed.
Overall this is a wonderful, fresh and entertaining tribute to the rich heritage of the Brontės, brought to us by some of the most accomplished musicians you are likely to find.
Jon White

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